“See that you also excel in this grace of giving…”
(2 Corinthians 8:7)

Thank you for your generosity in giving. We believe that the greatest need in Japan is spiritual, and your giving helps build the church so that God can use us to meet this need.

Weekly Church Offering

Each Sunday we allow a time for giving an offering. The Bible says that God loves it when we give cheerfully and generously (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). So our prayer is for him to bless you more as you give, so that you can become a blessing to others.

Because in our culture people sometimes feel an obligation to give to religious organizations out of duty, we make it a point to mention that there is no obligation ( a strong Japanese word) to give anything. We are happy to have the privilege of sharing the good news to anyone who has never heard it before!

Direct bank Deposit

Bank: Yokohama Bank (0138)
Branch: Yokosuka Branch (541)
Account Number: 6094012
Account Name: Every Nation Church Yokosuka

Tax-deductible Giving (U.S. taxpayers only)

If you are an American tax-payer, tax deductible giving is available through our mother church in Hawaii. If you want a donation letter as a receipt for your annual giving, please contact the church office here and let them know.

Personal checks:
In order for us to give you a tax-deductible annual donation report please make out your personal check drawn on a U.S. bank account to “Every Nation Church Yokosuka.” We can then get your personal information off of the check and track your annual giving. Note that donations you make in cash – either Japanese yen or U.S. dollars are not tracked, so those will not be counted.

Online giving to Hawaii:
Another way to take advantage of the U.S. tax-deduction is by giving online. Please email or call the church office for more information.

Please email the church office with your name and address when giving in this manner so we can send you a receipt at the end of year.