Sunday Worship Service


Check here for places of worship this week…
We worship in the following TWO LOCATIONS (DEPENDS ON AVAILABILITY):
1. CHURCH CENTER (HORINOUCHI) – near Horinouchi Station
M.S. Building 3rd Floor, 2-11 Miharu-cho, Yokosuka
(above the Karate Studio, across from McDonald’s on Route 16)
ELS Building 4th Floor, 2-17 Odaki-cho, Yokosuka
(above Hamazushi Kaiten Sushi, near main Yokosuka Post Office. Same building as Aka-Oni Yakiniku restaurant in Yokosuka-chuo)

  • FIRST SERVICE TIME: 10:00am – 11:30am
  • SECOND SERVICE TIME: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

All ages are welcome at our worship services. There will be live music and singing in English and Japanese followed by a Bible lesson that is relevant to your life in Japan today. We feature live interpreters so everything is done in Japanese and English language. You are welcome to hang out afterwards and get to know people in the church too.

(It shows which location we are meeting at – YTY or HORINOUCHI)

GOOGLE MAP to ENCY Church Center (HORINOUCHI) here…

GOOGLE MAP to Younger Than Yesterday (YTY) here…


Making Disciples

When Jesus calls someone to be his disciple, he is asking you to commit to doing three things:

1. Follow Him
The starting point of being a disciple is deciding to follow Jesus. Following Him requires a heart commitment that we will make Him the Lord of our whole lives — mind, will, emotions, past, present, and future.

2. Fellowship with others
None of the original disciples attempted to follow Jesus alone. Following Him meant following along with other disciples. Just like in the first century many of the things Jesus teaches us in life are still through our interactions with other believers. As our Pastor often says, “We are better together!”

3. Fish for people
Jesus expects all who follow Him to help others find and follow Him, too. This means we actively seek to introduce them to Jesus.

Discipleship, therefore, is really a call to build relationships on three levels: with God, with God’s people, and with those who do not know Him.

If you want to be a disciple and make disciples you should be a part of a Small Group. Just fill out the Small Group Connect Form to get started!